A Project To Clean Up The Air In Texas

Clean Air Rules Were Breached At Least 405 Times By Petrochemical Operations In The Houston Region In 2015, Unlawfully Discharging Five Million Pounds Of Pollutants, Including Chemicals Related To Asthma And Cancer, Into The Environment. Our Members Support Us.

It Is Past Time For Polluters In Texas To Straighten Up Their Act

Chemical And Refinery Pollution Is Making People Ill, Yet Authorities Are Often Complacent When Huge Polluters Violate Environmental Regulations.

Ut School Of Public Health Researchers Found That Children Who Live Within Two Miles Of The Highly Industrialised Houston Ship Channel Are 56 Percent More Likely To Get Leukaemia, Which They Attribute To The Presence Of Oil Refineries & Chemical Industries In Their Environment. Our Investigation Also Discovered That Petrochemical Plants In The Houston Region Violated Clean Air Rules At Least 404 Times In 2015, Unlawfully Discharging Five Million Pounds Of Pollutants, Including Chemicals Related To Asthma And Cancer, Into The Environment.

Over A Five-Year Period, For Example, Exxonmobil Violated Clean Air Standards Now At Baytown Oil Refinery & Chemical Facility Outside Houston And Over 4,000 Times, Exacerbating The State’s Pollution Issues And Putting The Health Of Neighbouring Citizens At Risk.

When It Comes To Our Physical And Mental Health, The Air Quality In Texas Is Really Poor. Children And The Elderly, Who Are Particularly Sensitive To The Effects Of Poor Air Quality, Are At Greater Risk Of Developing Asthma, Stroke, And Other Ailments. In Caring For Future Generations, We Must Also Clean Up The Air In Texas In Order To Improve The Quality Of Living For Those Who Are Most Vulnerable To Pollution.

Clearly, We Must Take Decisive Action In Order To Compel Texas’ Largest Polluters To Clean It Up Their Messes. In Order To Decrease Pollutants That Might Cause Cancer, These Enterprises Should Install More Stringent Pollution Controls And Face Hefty Fines If They Violate The Law.

A Legal Approach That Is Successful

In The Previous Two Decades, We’ve Made Significant Strides In Reducing Pollution In Texas, But There Is Still More Work To Do. For Clean Air & Compliance With The Law, We Must Enlist The Help Of Local, State, And Federal Authorities To Take Regulatory Action Against Large Polluters. We Can Compel The Large Polluters To Cease Breaking The Law If We Unite Together As People, Communities, Non-Profit Organisations, And Our Political Friends. Using A Combination Of Study, Organisation Of Residents And Local Officials, & Lawsuits, Air Pollution Has Been Cleaned Up In The Past And Will Be Cleaned Up In The Future.

The Same Method That Enabled Us To Compel Shell Oil’s Deer Park Refinery To Clean Up Its Emissions In 2009 Is Being Used To Enforce Our Right To Demand Conformity With The Clean Air Act.

One Polluter At A Time, We Are Cleaning Up Our Air

Achieving Genuine Success In The Fight Against Air Pollution. In The Wake Of Our Litigation Against Shell’s Deer Park Refinery & Chemical Facility, As Well As Chevron Phillips’ Baytown Chemical Manufacturing, One Million Pounds Of Air Pollution Per Year Was Reduced In Houston. It Is Hoped That Our Continuing Case Against Exxonmobil’s Baytown Refinery Would Result In Greater Emission Reductions In The Future. We’ve Also Developed The Neighborhood Witness Programme, Which Will Notify Individuals Who Live In Close Proximity To Polluting Industries When Infractions Occur.

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