The City Of San Antonio Has Issued An Ozone Action Day Advisory

air pollution in San Antonio and beyond

A Significant Degree Of Ozone Air Pollution Might Be Present In The Region, According To This Warning.

The City Of San Antonio Is In The Process Of Constructing A New Convention Centre To Accommodate The Growing Number Of Visitors. Texas Commission On Environmental Quality Has Designated Friday As Ozone Action Day In The City Of San Antonio.

According To A Public Warning Published By The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, Friday Will Be The First Day Of The Year When Air Quality Is Considered Unsafe.

This Notice Indicates That The Meteorological Conditions Are “Likely To Be Conducive For The Creation Of Large Levels Of Ozone Air Quality In The San Antonio Region,” According To The National Weather Service In San Antonio.

 It Is Recommended By Authorities During Ozone Action Days That Children, The Elderly, And Others Who Suffer From Respiratory Diseases Such As Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis, And Other Respiratory Issues, Restrict Their Time Spent Outside Owing To The Impacts Of Air Pollution.

On Ozone Action Days, Metro Health Offers The Following Suggestions For Decreasing Pollution:

After 6:00 P.M., It Is Prohibited To Refuel Automobiles And Trucks.

Texas air pollution

Instead Of Going Through The Drive-Thru At Eateries, Go Inside.

Instead Of Idling Your Car, Turn It Off.

Setting Air Conditioner Settings To A Temperature Higher Whenever Possible

Using Public Transportation Or Carpooling Are Two Options To Consider.

Combine Errands To Save Time And Money On Transportation

The City Of San Antonio’s Webpage May Be Found Here If You Want To Know Further About Ozone Action Days.